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Creating Our Branding Material with Fellow Asian Women Entrepreneurs

The Brave & Bold Mastermind Program was created with the core promise to support Asian Women Entrepreneurs. So, when it came to needing collaborative work and materials for our own program's branding materials, we knew that we wanted to fully embrace what we stood for.

It's a rare opportunity for us two to be in the same place, as we have been working together from two separate countries since 2020. When we took our business collaboration trip to Seattle, we saw it as a chance to not only sit down and work on our business, but also a chance to get some vital branding and marketing materials; i.e. have our first photoshoot together!

There are so many talented photographers in the Pacific Northwest, but we knew that we wanted to support and work with an Asian female photographer. In this glorious day of Instagram and online communication tools, we spent a few days to a week searching for women we wanted to work with. To our surprise (and also not a surprise), Asian women are still a small fraction in the industry.

Our mutual friend Key, introduced us to our photographer, and she accommodated her schedule to fit us in after her other job. And, we found our Glow Whisperer for our makeup and hair via Instagram.

Within 3 days, we confirmed who we were collaborating with. We hired Tiffany Tong as our photographer and Sharon Yoon as our makeup and hair artist. It was a fun, energizing, and inspiring afternoon spent with the ladies, talking about being entrepreneurs, our cultures, and just having fun as fellow empowering women.

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Photography (Tiffany Tong)

Make up (Sharon Yoon)

Here are some of the outfit changes we had.

Here are some tips for your next photoshoot:

  • Prep 2-3 outfit changes, choose clothes that won't mess up your makeup or hair for the 2nd or 3rd outfit changes

  • Select a photographer that will suggest poses for you, if you are a novice with photoshoots - or if you're doing a partner photoshoot use them as your guide

  • Create a pinterest with poses and location ideas and send it to your photographer

  • Have a few locations in mind or a studio picked out (you can also use a cute AirBnB if you are going for an office look but don't have access to a remote work location)

  • Think about all the ways you will be using your photos, to inform what kinds of poses you will be standing or sitting in. Will it go in a newsletter, a group coaching email, on your website, LinkedIn, etc.?

  • Enjoy the experience, have fun!

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