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Who Is This Program For?

You have a business idea, passion project, or side hustle that you want to launch, and by the end of the 10-weeks (or maybe even within the program) you will have established clarity and clear direction for launch.

You are a solopreneur with 1-3+ years under your belt in business (you've had your first paid client/sold your first product, etc), and you want more support with business development on all aspects.

You are an entrepreneur looking to grow your client base, revenue, and network beyond your circles - globally, and partner with other leading Asian women business owners.

How Does This Program Impact You?

Have a group of trusted ladies who keep you accountable to your goals, and inspired to take your business/ideas to the next level, even when doubts or negative thoughts pop up.

Access to group members' networks, bountiful shared resources, the 'dos and don'ts' from other businesswomen's experiences.

Be surrounded by Asian women who are unique in their own ways, but are united by our desire to be successful and break down additional barriers that exist in society for WOC (women of color).

Gain tips, knowledge, and business acumen from women in different industries, and cross-share important 'know-hows' to scaling a business and growing clients organically and successfully.

Receive a constant flow of positive reinforcement, encouragement, compassionate accountability, and constructive critique when needed.

Continue to be authentically yourself in your business - and be bold and brave as you grow more aligned with your self worth.

What is included in this program?

  • Facilitated business enhancement group calls led by lead coaches and guest speakers

  • Invitation to the Brave and Bold Mastermind Retreat

  • Vision + Purpose alignment session 1:1 with Kristy 

  • Community Building + Social Media session 1:1 with Nina 

  • Mastermind peer support in Facebook Group

  • Final storytelling pitch event

  • PREMIUM tier support includes extra 1:1 coaching sessions with Kristy and/or Nina (additional costs)


If you're ready to level up, there is no better time to invest in yourself!

This Mastermind is for you if...

You're looking for a group of like-minded professionals to help push you towards your goals and keep you accountable, AND return the favor.


You want to partner up with others, build your network, and level up in your business.


You are ready to challenge yourself, and invest time and money into your  personal and business growth and development.

This Mastermind is not for you if...

You are looking for someone to guide you 1:1 how to scale and develop yourself and business, without any personal contribution to a group.
You don't like to collaborate and share your ideas with others, and prefer to brainstorm solo.
You are uncomfortable with change, hearing new perspectives, and tend to shy away from opportunities in group settings or networking. 

Your Mastermind Cohort Leaders

Career Transition &

Wellness Coach

Founder, Kristy Mariko LLC

Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Social Media Consultant

Identity Coach

Founder of Hafu Ladies

Tokyo, Japan

  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Application Process

Schedule Call

We'll answer any questions you may have about the program.

Secure Your Spot

Secure your spot in the program and meet the coaches.

You're In!

Get ready for the first group call with the Welcome Guide.

Our 6-Month Mastermind is broken down into two stages


Jan - Mar

  • Discovery & Mindset Growth

  • Grounding Your Values, Goals, and Mindset

  • Owning Your Greatness + Unlocking Your Talents

  • Business Mindset & Holistic Leadership Development

  • Identity Transitions

  • Navigating business through your intersectional identities



Apr - Jun

  • Building your business from concept to execution/launch

  • Business goal setting and value-driven strategies

  • Branding & storytelling guides

  • Social media management & tools

  • Essentials for running your business admin

  • Introduction to business tools and tech resources

Join the Brave & Bold Virtual Mastermind 2.0!

In this program, you'll be supported by both of us and a network of women entrepreneurs. Beyond professional support, you will also have a safe space to share the growing pains of starting up a business, or launching a new side hustle, with other like-minded cohort members.

Stepping into your self-worth and being authentically yourself can sometimes be difficult without a support group that understands the path you've chosen. We've been in your shoes, and want to help.

We will hold you through 10 weeks of a structured program, including accountability sessions, private and public events, a mid-way virtual retreat, and a final celebration. Including many other program perks, networking, and professional development resources.

We can't wait to meet you!



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