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What is the Brave & Bold Mastermind Program?

Did you know...

90% of small business startups fail within the first year

62% of women business owners are between 40-59 years old

Women own 36% of small businesses worldwide.

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As business owners ourselves, we know how important it is to find your tribe, line up your supporters, and be as resourceful as possible during the start up stages of a business.

In addition to the expected challenges that come from starting a business (legal, finance, marketing, programs, products, tech, etc), there are factors that come into play as you step into the lifestyle of an Asian women CEO, that works for you and your values, brand, and energy. The people who you surround yourself with, from family, friends, and business partners, naturally change as you up level in your own personal life and career.

We're here to help guide you​ through your journey... but ask yourself these questions first:

Are you a solopreneur with 1-3+ years under your belt in business (you've had your first paid client/sold your first product, etc), and you want more support with business development, personal development, and guidance through leveling up or launching your business?


Are you ramping up your client base, revenue, and network beyond your circles - globally, and want to partner with other leading Asian women business owners?

Are you ready to step up in your business, gain clarity on your direction and clients, and serve more people with your gifts?

If your answer is YES to all the above, dive into the details and apply today!

We can't wait to hear your story.



"My motto is: If you can't find what you're looking for, create it. The first step in empowering the community of women like myself was creating a safe space that didn't exist before; thus came Hafu Ladies. Now, it's time to create again by paving the way to provide opportunities for growth - in self and in business - for Asian women entrepreneurs."


—  Nina, Co-Founder of Brave & Bold

Meet Your Lead Coaches



Nina Cataldo and Kristy Ishii met in 2018 at a community event in Tokyo. They are two like-minded female solopreneurs whose inspiration and passion for supporting one another stretches beyond ocean borders. The two ladies discovered the power of working together when growing a business, and have curated a program that is aimed at supporting Asian women entrepreneurs transform ideas into action.


“If you're looking for inspiring and positive Asian women entrepreneurs to support each others' businesses, this is the place! We're all in different places in our journeys, and there's so much potential for us all. Sometimes going on that journey with some support can bring you places you never imagined before. BBM is the place to help refine your goals and gain many new insights from incredible Asian women entrepreneurs in all sorts of businesses. I started off with just a vague idea of opening a business and came out 14 weeks later with solid goals, created ways to promote my business, had a set date to launch my online business, and great new ideas from inspirational women. BBM is just starting but has already shown a lot of potential. I highly recommend the program for those looking to start or build their business!” 


How to Get Started

Help us get to know you and your business, or business idea.

Clarity Call

We'll answer any questions you may have about the program.

Secure Your Spot

Secure your spot in the program and meet the coaches.

You're In!

Get ready for the first group call with the Welcome Guide.


Why Join Us?

We have both invested hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of $$ in our own businesses, and our mission is to guide you through challenges and power through mindset blocks, while sharing tools we've used to create our own thriving businesses.

Here is an overview of what we've been trained in, so that we can meet you where you're at in your journey and guide you through your next steps:

Kristin Constable's Activate Soulful Business Accelerator (6 month business planning)

Alyssa Nobriga's Institute for Coaching Mastery (12 month transformational training for coaches)

Sarah Furuya's February is the New January Life Coaching Program (12 months)

ORSC Fundamentals (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching) CRR APAC Certified

Holistic Wellness Coaching with Project Aesthetic Fitness (6 Months)

10+ years in non profit sector, building communities and team structures

15+ years in intercultural communications, relocations, and global exchange programs + work



Our Partners

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